New hot-Jupiter candidates found around young stars in 25 Ori with PTF

During two observing campaigns with the Palomar Transient Factory telescope at the Palomar Observatory in California, researchers from the NASA Exoplanet Archive observed the young 10-Myr 25 Ori region in search for transiting exoplanets. Analysis of the more than 100,000 generated light-curves allowed to re-identify the young exoplanet candidate CVSO 30 b (Van Eyken et al. 2012) and to identify another 9 interesting new transiting planet candidates.

The work to analyse these light-curves, complement them with TESS observations, which observed the 25 Ori on 2020 and possibly detect  secondary transits for objects where we only detected one transit with the PTF observatoins is ongoing.

If these objects were confirmed, they would be among the shortest period hot-Jupiters found to date, giving interesting insights into their formation history and evolution given the young age of their parent stars.